Ailsa’s Theme: Motion

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This week Ailsa’s Theme is Motion.  Above a grand daughter makes her first true swimming strokes.  Read on to see more of Kongo’s motion captures.  Visit Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack to see a whole lot more motion caught on camera. Road race in Budapest. A girl’s softball pitcher winds up for…

Sizzling Summer Sale! Mommy and Me Joined at the Sole!

Product Review

I love having a little girl and one of the things that I find so endearing is how much she strives to be “just like you, mommy!” It’s so sweet (and sometimes a little scary!) that she wants to be just like me. She asked to put on my deodorant she wants to take showers … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

She is all smiles in her Indian outfit made by her! Check out the Pairendipity Prima-X Azalea!

“Over the river and through the woods…”

“Over the river and through the woods…”.

Product Reviews 2012

There is not a week that goes by where I don’t find my daughters dressed up in my jewelry, scarves, and shoes! They find my closet and accessories to be their own personal dress up box. And I love it! Because I did the same thing at their age!There is just something about being a … Continue reading

Splash Park Pad

After gloomy few days, we woke up to a sunny day today! I decided to take the girls to the Splash Park at Oak Park! This place is such a fun way to  cool off!  There is a vast grass field to enjoy a picnic or just lay down under the sun.  When kids are … Continue reading

Summer is here!

With my oldest’s preschool is being over last week, our summer has officially started.  I am very excited being at home with them during warm, sunny days.  As girls are getting older, I plan many more outdoor activities this summer. Last weekend, we have taken our first family camping trip to Refugio Beach in Santa Barbara.  Kids … Continue reading

Thank you to you moms!

Mommy and Me Matching Shoes Pairendipity Prima Rosa

It has been a lot going on since we launched our brand and e-commerce site in late August.   We are expanding faster than we could ever imagine.  We  partnered with many reputable online businesses,   many retail store in California carry our products, and most importantly, we have been receiving emails with the nicest … Continue reading

Prima Aqua Children 1 DAY SALE

Prima Aqua Children 1 DAY SALE $29.95* COMBINE YOUR $15 GIFT CARD to MAKE IT A DOUBLE DEAL! FREE SHIPPING via Priority Mail on orders $40 and more in the United States! * Offer expires on 01/05/12