Finding Trustful Suppliers

I have been building relationships with many overseas manufacturers almost 3 years now. I have been overwhelmed and over the edge with many of them countless times.   I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what to expect when you are trying to find reliable suppliers. When the light-bulb went on my head … Continue reading

Would you wear matching shoes with your baby daughter?

We see it online among celebrities all the time. Katie and Suri, Angelina Jolie and Zahara, Tori Spelling and Stella. There are a lot of moms out there wearing matching outfits, shoes or purses with their toddler daughters. What do you think? Is it cute to wear matching accessories, (shoes in our case) with your … Continue reading

When you are not stressed

Did you realize you get more things done when you are not stressed? Why is that? Because you are more focused, calm and optimistic.  You are easy on yourself, your partner, your kids.  Everything comes along easier and quicker. You make better decisions and can see the big picture with small details to get there. … Continue reading

Unwanted break turns into much wanted one! Happy Rabbit Chinese Year!

I was upset at first; we are in the process of “finally” making the samples to be tested by our “trusted” manufacturer, the whole country stops working during the Spring Festival for over 3 weeks.  I am adding up the days in my head, getting the materials 7-10 days, making the samples 7-10 days, get … Continue reading

Lesson Learned III

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Finding a right supplier might be the hardest thing for a start up business but when you think you found one, don’t waste all of your energy and time in only one! Find at least two even three similar suppliers that you trust.  When one can’t … Continue reading

Tests, tests and more tests

The hardest part of importing children products (other than finding a manufacturer and balancing full time job, kids, husband and housework) is to be compliant by US government.  I have done a huge mistake the first time and I lost money, time but most importantly my confidence exactly a year ago today.  It was awful … Continue reading

Julie and Julia

Have you watched the movie Julie and Julia? What a fascinating true story that is!  Two true stories about two women who were lost in their daily lives but with great attitude and hard work, they found their way to success.  Just another slow day at work and busy day at home.  B got a … Continue reading

Gifts from Grandmas

Wouldn’t be grand to share the matching shoes between grandmas too? Perfect gift for Christmas, matching shoes for Grandmas and their little Angel Granddaughters 🙂 I can’t wait to receive pictures from all of the world wearing Pairendipity Matching Shoes 🙂 How long do I need to wait? I feel like it is not in … Continue reading

Just when I was feeling overwhelmed

I came across with this post from RuffleButts Inc owner,  Amber Schaub: Amber hasn’t been on Oprah show yet, but yes, I am the one out there you were talking to and I would like to say Thank you for keeping me on track and make me believe that dreams can come true.

So payless had this more than a year ago Do you believe Mommy and Me shoes will be popular?  I know it will be.  Look at these comments posted more than a year ago: How adorable. Now if Aldo would do mommy and me shoes I would be complete. I think its great and what a great way to help you and your … Continue reading