Product Review

I love having a little girl and one of the things that I find so endearing is how much she strives to be “just like you, mommy!” It’s so sweet (and sometimes a little scary!) that she wants to be just like me. She asked to put on my deodorant she wants to take showers now (she’s not even 3 yet!), I catch her singing the songs I sing, and saying the things that I say. We have matching NFL jerseys (we’re Cowboys fans–go Romo!) and she loves when we both put them on (even though she really doesn’t care much yet for football–I’m working on her with that!)

When I was contacted by the company Pairendipity, I was SO excited because I knew she’d love to have matching shoes! Yep, you heard me right! Pairendipity specializes in matching mother/daughter shoes! I requested the solid black shoes for us because I wanted ones that would match with LOTS of outfits, so we can wear them together all the time. They have a lot of different colors/styles to choose from though and they are REALLY cute!

Maggie was so, SO excited about these shoes! The minute her Daddy came home from work, she stopped him immediately to tell him about our matching shoes, then dragged him over to see them. She loves to go out with me wearing them! We normally go shoeless in our house (Truthfully, I hate wearing any kinds of shoes unless I must!) but the day these shoes came she wore them around almost all day. She was so darn proud of them!

We’ve had these shoes for a few weeks now and Maggie and I have both worn them a lot. Maggie has never complained about them hurting her feet and I haven’t noticed any red marks or blisters. I have to admit, I find my shoes a little uncomfortable at times, but it’s not due to the construction or brand. I have a wider foot, so I don’t normally wear shoes that are so narrow in the toe area. My toes just aren’t used to be scrunched up so much. That being said, I still wear these shoes all the time, just not if I know I’ll have to do a LOT of walking. They are so darn cute and I love the way they look! Even though my feet get uncomfortable after wearing for a long time, I can honestly say I’d buy another matching set for my daughter and I!

Janessa, Thrifty Nifty Mommy

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