Summer is here!

With my oldest’s preschool is being over last week, our summer has officially started.  I am very excited being at home with them during warm, sunny days.  As girls are getting older, I plan many more outdoor activities this summer.

Girls camping in Refugio State Beach

Girls camping in Refugio State Beach

Last weekend, we have taken our first family camping trip to Refugio Beach in Santa Barbara.  Kids had a great time playing at the beach, biking along the path, touring the campground at night, roasting marshmallows, playing Frisbee,collecting shells and other sea creatures… I highly recommend this campground as the camping sites are all along the ocean site of the highway and most of them are shaded somewhat with a big tree. If you book it in advance (about 6 months ahead) you can get the Premium spots with an ocean view.  There are enough restrooms and showers so there is never a line even when the camp is full.  There is a small store by the beach that carries almost everything at a reasonable price.  Kayaking, fishing, surfing are among the activities at this beach as well as there is a paved bike path that runs until El Capitan State Beach.

My favorite part of all was sleeping in our small tent together with the girls, and waking up to their angel faces in the morning.  I am very glad that I have purchased new sleeping bags (Coleman Sleeping Bag for $34.95 at for us and for the girls as it was low 40’s at night.  B also remembered to bring a little grill and lots of firewood to make it easy for us to cook and enjoy! It was such a fun memory being together with no work distruction.

I can’t wait to share more fun here on the blog as summer goes along this year.  We are so lucky to live in Southern California with many outdoor activities for kids.

Cheers to the great weather!


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