Lesson Learned IV

Don’t get excited and carried away by your items being here on time and fail to do your Quality Check right after they arrive.  Make sure to include a line of item on your agreement that states:

“The Seller shall be responsible for arranging for testing and inspection of the Goods at the buyer’s premises before shipment.  The Buyer shall have no liability for any claim in respect of any defect in the Goods which would be apparent on inspection.

Buyer shall complete inspection within 5 days after receipt of goods in hand according to the standards as agreed hereunder. The term of claims for quality issues shall be one month. Seller shall reply within one week of receipt of written notice issued by Buyer, otherwise shall be deemed to consent to the claims of Buyer. ”

and stick to it:  When your products arrive, make sure to open each and every item to check the quality, color and sizing even this means you need to hire extra help to go through all of them on time.  This is especially important when you have to meet the x amount of days to reply back to your supplier about what you received and how many of them are acceptable.  Don’t make the mistake of going through only few random boxes and assume that the rest is all the same.  Once you start shipping bulk quantities, you will need to spend all of your time to make sure the products are in good shape and if they are not, you will be late on the agreement’s deadline for any reimbursements or fixes.


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