We are all joined to one thing = happiness

It makes you happy to see your sweet baby to smile the first time, the first time you catch her foot in her month lying on her back on the changing table, first step she takes towards you so proud! They don’t care where you live, what you drive, if you are rich, what you do for living,  how you look like, they love you no matter what! No judgement, no pressure… you just need to be the loving you nothing more.

We are moms to our precious ones from many different places in the world, speaking different language, living in different climate, time zone, working or staying home with different daily schedule, different traditions and beliefs but we are joined to one thing = happiness that our little ones bring to our lives.  Our little ones make us happy, keep us on track, remind us our purpose, make us push our best in life. Their little hugs make our life seem so much brighter.  There is nothing better to hear than the sweet laughter of your kids when you are goffing around with them.  They influence things you do in life, yet they put a limit on you with a guilt of its own!

We do our best to teach them their manners, be a good friend and partner who know to share and play gently.  We are proud to make them special on their special days.  But between all the tantrums and fuss, we realize how easy to please them! One more episode of Mickey Mouse or an extra candy from the Treat or Trick Bag? Where ever we live or however our lives are, we do feel the same when we have our kids under the same roof!

I am a proud mom of Princess and Angel.  I hope they are the happiest adults when they grow up, appreciating the little things in their adulthood like they can now!

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