Getting it out there Part I

Angel wearing Mommy's shoes

Angel wearing Mommy's shoes

We have been wearing our matching shoes every where we go with Princess and Angel.  Dentist office, Doctor’s office, Shopping Mall, Grocery Store,  I even wore them to a pool party once! Girls feel very comfortable in their shoes and they love to match with mommy!  How many more out there do you think would feel the same connection and fun walking in their mommy and me matching shoes?

Everyone loves the name Pairendipity, they think it is very fun, clever way to connect the word Pair and Serendipity.  Now that my online store is up and running, I can’t stop but thinking the creative ways to spread the word.  If the Marketing budget isn’t huge (none in my case), we all know by now, Internet is the most convenient way to reach your potential customer.

  • Facebook and Twitter were my first two go to sites to create the “buzz” around the mommy and me matching shoes idea.
  • I also had business cards printed.  It is an absolute necessity when moms ask me “where you find the matching shoes”.
  • Getting the products reviewed by mommy bloggers and press releases also another efficient way if you have the right kind of a connection.   I have sent out 3 samples and can’t wait to read the good reviews (hopefully)
  • I see driving around Los Angeles as an advertising opportunity too.  I ordered vinyl stickers to put on the back of my car that says: Mommy and Me Matching Shoes I have chosen to insert mommy and me shoes website instead of Pairendipity assuming it is more readable and more memorable while driving on the highway.  Now, I really need to be careful to follow all the traffic rules!
To be continued…

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