First Photoshoot

We completed our first Photoshoot last Saturday.   My dear friend Ann brought her lovely daughters as well. Our appointment was at 4 in the afternoon.  At 2:30pm, B decided that princess ,who quit taking naps longtime ago, was tired and should take a quick nap in order to be pleasant for the photoshoot.  It sounded like a good idea then, but he didn’t consider Princess sleeping longer than we have  planned.  I got Angel ready and proceeded to wake up Princess at 3:30pm.  Big mistake, she started one her biggest tantrum I can ever remember! When I tried to have her change to a better outfit, she didn’t want to be touched or talked to! Last challenge I would like to face right before a photoshoot.  Took a deep breath, explained to Princess that Angel and her friends are going to be in a nice picture and she will miss this opportunity if she didn’t stop crying.  Didn’t work!  Her scream went louder and louder.  I proceeded to put Angel in the car, pretending like we are ready to leave.  Princess, realizing that we are about to leave without her, ran out of her room and threw herself in front of me and Angel.  I picked her up and repeated (still trying to stay calm) if you want to be in the nice picture, you need to stop crying and put on nice clothes.  I took it as a yes when she kind a nodded her head to change her clothes.  Victory, I have got Princess agreed to change her clothes, still crying but calmer, now Angel has a smelly diaper and needs to be changed immediately! I look at my watch and realize we are late for the appointment.  I hear B wishing me good luck, and why does it sound sarcastic? I am now buckling two crying kids in their car seats (I forget why Angel started to cry as well) and thinking this is really not a good idea.  We make it to the studio which is luckly not so far from our house!  As soon as Princess sees her friends, she stops crying and starts glowing! Surprise! Our first photoshoot turned out ok afterall! What do you think?


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