Shoes Everywhere

Today is the day when we received the shoes.  They have been examined in LA customs for a week,  “intensive examination” the freight forwarder called it which made me loose couple of hours of sleep until they finally released the freight.  Since this is our first time importing, customs were making sure that we are not sneaking anything else than shoes into country so they opened each box to check in detail.

I am soo excited that after many mistakes and frustrations I was able to get the shoes here and I am finally ready to start my business.  I haven’t seen this many boxes before, it is kind a overwhelming! The huge pile of boxes remind me that I have to start selling them soon and this is only the beginning.   As I mentioned before I am really pleased with the matching style, comfort and the quality of the shoes and I know my customers will be very satisfied with them.   And the box artwork just turned out beautifully!

Check it out:

Here is my check list before the Webstore Grand Opening day of August 25th:

1- Get an approval with the Merchant Account so I can accept credit cards

2- Write a Press Release about the grand opening and get it in front of the media

3- Photoshoot

4- Facebook Ad

5- Order business cards

6- Design a line sheet

7- Reach out to as many moms with daughters as possible 😉

8- Remain the “relaxed mom” for Angel and Princess!

Wish me good luck because I will need it!

4 Responses to “Shoes Everywhere”
  1. Pinar says:

    Great job Dilara, i love your logo. Now, just you need to wish that when i get pregnant again, I’ll have a girl so i can become a customer :)))))

  2. Melike says:

    I had NO idea about this whole business affair… What is the website address??

    • Hi Melike, it is a long story! ha ha! They are mother and daughter matching shoes and my brand name is Pairendipity.
      The website is:

      The webstore is on a test server right now but it will be up and running on August 25th! I need lots of help from my “Mommy Reps” in Santa Barbara and East Coast to spread the word. Let me know if you have any questions and please do make comments on the site design and functionality (you too Pinar) I value your opinion! Better get back to My Mommy Duty! Have a lovely day!

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