Getting it out there Part I

We have been wearing our matching shoes every where we go with Princess and Angel.  Dentist office, Doctor’s office, Shopping Mall, Grocery Store,  I even wore them to a pool party once! Girls feel very comfortable in their shoes and they love to match with mommy!  How many more out there do you think would feel … Continue reading

First Photoshoot

We completed our first Photoshoot last Saturday.   My dear friend Ann brought her lovely daughters as well. Our appointment was at 4 in the afternoon.  At 2:30pm, B decided that princess ,who quit taking naps longtime ago, was tired and should take a quick nap in order to be pleasant for the photoshoot.  It … Continue reading

Shoes Everywhere

Today is the day when we received the shoes.  They have been examined in LA customs for a week,  “intensive examination” the freight forwarder called it which made me loose couple of hours of sleep until they finally released the freight.  Since this is our first time importing, customs were making sure that we are … Continue reading

Busy Busy

I can’t believe it is already August and my last blog (beside creating the Pairedipity Community article) was in May! I have been busy finalizing the styles and making sure all of the materials we have used are compliant with the US regulations. No budget to spare on professional services, I had to take my … Continue reading

Pairendipity Community – Share your finds:

We would like to hear your finds on cool matching Mother and Daughter apparel! We all know by now that we are after Mommy and Me matching stuff that you will actually wear and feel comfortable in style.  Like our mother and daughter matching shoes by Pairendipity, we are looking to find matching treasures that … Continue reading