When you are not stressed

Did you realize you get more things done when you are not stressed? Why is that? Because you are more focused, calm and optimistic.  You are easy on yourself, your partner, your kids.  Everything comes along easier and quicker. You make better decisions and can see the big picture with small details to get there. Your kids don’t have tantrums, you smile and hug your 10+ years husband and life is good even you have no idea what is for dinner and the laundry hasn’t been done for over 4 days.

Princess and I have been at the library last week to return 15+ books we had for a month.  Everytime we return our books, we made the habit to check out others.  First, mommy checks her isle, and kids know to be quiet and stay with mommy, then kids get to choose theirs.  So last time, I came across Kim Lavine’s Mommy Millionaire book.  (I know this was published ages ago) I was very impressed by the details and the continuity of the information she included in her book.  Eventhough she had a totally different product than mine, her struggle of a start up was very close to mine.  Don’t think that I am done with the book, I am only into 100 pages and I am very inspired about her role as an entrepreneur.   (I think it is easier to spell it than to be one). It made me think how much out there that I don’t know about.  How can I catch up? But also:

Her stress on starting up a business with 2 kids under 4 with no steady income with a product that nobody knew about made me more relaxed and gave confidence that I can do this.  I can be one of the moms who can make a steady income to be working  for themselves.

To be continued…


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