Unwanted break turns into much wanted one! Happy Rabbit Chinese Year!

I was upset at first; we are in the process of “finally” making the samples to be tested by our “trusted” manufacturer, the whole country stops working during the Spring Festival for over 3 weeks.  I am adding up the days in my head, getting the materials 7-10 days, making the samples 7-10 days, get them tested 10-14 days if nothing got wrong in between, we are talking about 3 weeks off and then another month to get the test results! So supposedly  the winter colors will be ready to sell by Spring.  Great planning and time saving on my part huh?

But week and a half into the Spring Festival, I realized how stressed I was before to deal with everything (including taking care of my own family).  How frustrated I was with the issues daily and the long online conversations that wouldn’t resolve any issue I was dealing with. After a year and a half being back to square one doesn’t really help you relax either.  I keep finding myself yelling to my precious daughters for something silly that 3  and 1.5 years old would do or being very impatient with my husband over “what is for dinner?” question.   Knowing that I don’t have to wake up and receive an unsatisfying email from China is a BIG RELIEF.  I don’t have to check my personal emails if  I don’t want to!  I feel very relaxed like I would be on a vacation.   I feel very blessed to have my family and friends to share my life with.  Especially my children! They are the reason why I want to be my BEST SELF even the things aren’t as smoothly as planned.


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