looking for matching shoes post

I always Google for Mommy and Me shoes keywords just for curiosity, and I came across with this one few weeks ago: http://community.babycenter.com/post/a25300919/looking_for_mommy_and_me_shoes It is very exciting but it also made me think that the one site she found (and she didn’t really care) is my mommyandmeshoes.com site? Our styles are not final yet, but I … Continue reading

Unwanted break turns into much wanted one! Happy Rabbit Chinese Year!

I was upset at first; we are in the process of “finally” making the samples to be tested by our “trusted” manufacturer, the whole country stops working during the Spring Festival for over 3 weeks.  I am adding up the days in my head, getting the materials 7-10 days, making the samples 7-10 days, get … Continue reading