Lesson Learned III

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Finding a right supplier might be the hardest thing for a start up business but when you think you found one, don’t waste all of your energy and time in only one! Find at least two even three similar suppliers that you trust.  When one can’t follow through you still have other manufacturers in line to put your order.  The Chinese contact you have been building relationship with over some period of time can quit her current position to get a different job in another company.  So now, new manufacturer with the same rep might not have the right products you have or the new rep in the old company might not be the person who communicates well with you.  Or in my case, the current rep can be busy dealing with her bigger clients and it  takes many days for her to get back to you about the availability of the material that you put several months to decide on.

Another big help for dealing with Chinese suppliers the first time is to make a outline of your questions to them.  This way, you can get your answers fast without loosing track of your business goals.  Some give less answers than others, some are less ambiguous, some know exactly what you are talking some have no clue.  It is taking me way too long to accomplish the initial order and I might still not be certain but I am more cautious this time and I am proud that I taking something good from my previous mistakes.


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