Little bit about me

Almost 3 months into starting the blog I, now, realize that I really haven’t talked about myself other than I have 2 adorable girls 🙂  I am 35 years old, I live 60 miles north of Los Angeles, with my smart, supportive and sensitive husband B, 2 adorable daughters, Princess, Angel, and 2 wonderful, easy-going Golden Retrievers.  I have a BA degree in Business and Marketing, and MA degree in Management.  I have a passion to Market and sell an exciting product through creative ways.  I have been working in Marketing field for almost 10 years. Though, I haven’t yet achieved what I wanted in life.   During my college years, I was certain that I will be a VP of Sales and Marketing of a winning team in a reputable company by my 30s.  Here I am at 35 feeling guilty to kill time in my depressing cubicle working with losers so my 2 adorable babies are in full time daycare.   How come I can’t be one of those moms who can make big through blogs and have this great product to promote online so I, too, get to stay home with my kids? If I had a cool product to sell, I knew how to market it.  But what is that cool product?

Then one day the “what if ” then “that’s IT” moment happens: at about a month after I returned to full time job from my second pregnancy leave.   (Princess is almost 2 years old and Angel just turned 5 months.)  After one of those exhausting week day, I gave bath to girls and put them to sleep.  I was trying to plan my outfit for the next work day (It is easier to know what to wear ahead of time if you need to be at work at 8 am and if you have to drop off 2 little ones at daycare) I thought it would be fun to coordinate colors with my girls, not necessarily match the whole outfit but a matching colored accessory to go with my outfit?

Looking down to my “always” small closet:  I noticed my “almost” everyday flats, and I thought: ” what if I had a fun,

comfortable pair of my everyday flats that match with my daughters’ everyday Maryjane’s?  I would have been excited to wear them all day long, and feel  “connected” knowing that my girls are walking in MY FOOTSTEPS while I am at work.  I love the idea and I know there must be a lot of Mom’s out there who would love it too.  First week or so finding matching pair at an affordable price was one of my shopping item on my kill time list at work.  I have searched online to buy matching shoe for Princess and Angel and one pair for me.  But interestingly, my search didn’t have any results.  Can it be true that nobody thought about this before?

Mommy and Me Shoes was born.  Next month and over a year now, I have been working on my idea of Mommy and Me shoes.  My mission is to give the flexibility, comfort and the style that Moms deserve to embrace a busy day but also to make them feel connected with their little ones.  I hope to accomplish my mission and be successful in my business so I can stay home with my babies.


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