Dealing with Chinese Suppliers Part II

After dinner and bath time, while my 3 year old watches YoGaba Gaba, and my 1.5 years old go to sleep.  I have 1 hour to catch the Chinese Suppliers (if they are willing to talk to me on the chat ) before they take their lunch.   Meanwhile,  it is like the race between trying to be clear and get the answers you deserve.  It is like they do a mind trick to you, they make you believe they answered your question being very vague about it and you think you didn’t ask the question clear enough.  It goes back and forth in a circle like this few times.  And in no time, they side track you from the main subject and there it is = the lunch time.  Frustrated, going nowhere with any tasks, you wait another 18 hours to catch up with them and you already forgot what it was that you were trying to accomplish.  So many days, weeks, months wasted, with no definite answers.  And in the end if anything goes wrong, (like in my case, the shoes didn’t pass the lead testing) they accept no fault to themselves, they come back at you: “But miss, you didn’t tell us specifically you needed that type of a test eventhough we knew you were going to import these shoes to the United States”

Yes you are right I am the dumb one who didn’t study enough about lead testing even though you are the supplier of 15 years and had imported to US before.

I take the blame.


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