Gifts from Grandmas

Wouldn’t be grand to share the matching shoes between grandmas too? Perfect gift for Christmas, matching shoes for Grandmas and their little Angel Granddaughters 🙂 I can’t wait to receive pictures from all of the world wearing Pairendipity Matching Shoes 🙂 How long do I need to wait? I feel like it is not in … Continue reading

Just when I was feeling overwhelmed

I came across with this post from RuffleButts Inc owner,  Amber Schaub: Amber hasn’t been on Oprah show yet, but yes, I am the one out there you were talking to and I would like to say Thank you for keeping me on track and make me believe that dreams can come true.

So payless had this more than a year ago Do you believe Mommy and Me shoes will be popular?  I know it will be.  Look at these comments posted more than a year ago: How adorable. Now if Aldo would do mommy and me shoes I would be complete. I think its great and what a great way to help you and your … Continue reading

Little bit about me

Almost 3 months into starting the blog I, now, realize that I really haven’t talked about myself other than I have 2 adorable girls 🙂  I am 35 years old, I live 60 miles north of Los Angeles, with my smart, supportive and sensitive husband B, 2 adorable daughters, Princess, Angel, and 2 wonderful, easy-going … Continue reading

Dealing with Chinese Suppliers Part II

After dinner and bath time, while my 3 year old watches YoGaba Gaba, and my 1.5 years old go to sleep.  I have 1 hour to catch the Chinese Suppliers (if they are willing to talk to me on the chat ) before they take their lunch.   Meanwhile,  it is like the race between … Continue reading