Dinner Help

Here is my daughter ready for a bath.I remember coming home with the kids was always hectic.  My dear husband would try to unload the dishwasher and make sure the kitchen sink and the counter are clean before we come home but it was up to me to prepare the “healthy” dinner that every body could enjoy.  My mom was always stay at home mom, we had a sit down family dinners every night.  My dad was home at 5:15 pm to be exact every day and we were at dinner table with a home made meal at 6pm the latest.  Even though I didn’t enjoy my mom being in the kitchen cooking and cleaning all those years,  I wanted to create the healthy sit down dinners for my kids. My husband usually had to work on a project or be on a conference call around the time we come home.  I only had 15 minutes to put my oldest (26 months) in front of TV and my youngest (almost year old) on her high chair with some healthy snacks so I could put a meal together.  Often I thought I had all this time to kill at work but when I get home, I had to function like a robot on a timer.  I am not a cook by any means.  I am not one of those moms you know they have a full refrigerator and every necessary item in their pantry.  I didn’t know how to boil a pasta until after I met my husband ( at age 25) yeah pretty pathetic.  My last “how could I mess up” kitchen project are the cupcakes that you only need to add water.  But I learned, over the years, especially when I had hungry babies who you want to feed healthy home made food in short time. One helper was my SLOW COOKER.  (Even though it took a while to figure out not to burn or over cook meat with it.)  When it was done, it was just right.  It gave me the peace of mind knowing that the food was ready when we came home, and some left over for the next day.  The other big helper was the Eating Well’s Healthy in a Hurry Book where I could find basic recipes to prepare when I am in a hurry (which was always the case).  Done with dinner, give them a bath, and rock one to sleep with her bottle while the other one playing with her toys right below the rocking chair. Put baby to sleep and pick a book for my older daughter before to go night night.  When I kiss her goodnight, I know it is the ending of my racy evening once again to have hour or so to myself with my husband before my bed time only to wake up to start another boring work day.


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