Lesson Learned II

After sending out about 100 requests to receive samples,  the replies being very short and sometimes non sense, I got to make a choice on couple of suppliers that looked “credible”  The one I kept the communication going, whose company’s pictures look nice on their web site, (they can be fake too you know) sent me some samples after some delay! Toddler right foot in red, gold and leopard.  Women left foot in gold and red, which cost me $100 plus next day international shipping.  I open the box, look at the shoes and I think another $100 is down the drain.  Yes, they are the prototypes but the quality of the shoes are not near what you see on the company’s product portfolio pictures. Disappointed (again), go back to my computer (after kids go to bed) and send out 10 more sample inquires!

Couple months later, I receive an email from the supplier who sent me the cheesy samples that she is working for another company now and her former company used a smaller factory to make my samples.  That was why the samples I received were in bad shape!

Lesson Learned:  In China, even the company you are dealing with seems big and credible, even  you took time to visit their manufacturer site, the  facility you saw might not be the one they use to produce your order.


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