Free samples made my day!

Just when I thought I was loosing my mind and needed hope, I received a free sample from one of the suppliers that looked great! It is too good to be true.  They even accepted the first order to be 250 pairs per color.  When you compare this with the other suppliers who don’t even want to deal with you if your order is less than 2500 pairs.

Now, all I need to do is to convince the gal (who I only know through this screen) that we need to find lead free materials so the shoes passed the CPSIA test while our first order being small we will be putting more orders with bigger quantities in the future.

All of the communications I have with the Chinese suppliers are through emails, they don’t want to meet with you face to face.  One reason is that they can document everything via emails, the other reason is that their spoken english is not very easy to understand.

Considering the 18 hours difference, I reply to their emails the next morning while kids are having their breakfast or if too busy to reply first thing in the morning, I need to wait until after kids go to sleep at night.   Which means I go to bed at midnight only to get up again early the next morning getting kids ready to drop them off at daycare  and head back to work semi presentable and on time.


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