Dinner Help

I remember coming home with the kids was always hectic.  My dear husband would try to unload the dishwasher and make sure the kitchen sink and the counter are clean before we come home but it was up to me to prepare the “healthy” dinner that every body could enjoy.  My mom was always stay … Continue reading

Going back to full time job

I stayed home with my first one for 3.5 months, knowing my mom was here to take care of her and working under different management were satisfying enough to go back to work (my division just got bought by a bigger company before I went on a maternity leave) so it was kind a exciting … Continue reading

Quality time vs quantity time

While I am trying hard to be the best working mom possible and starting up a business, I feel like I am failing in every direction.   Nothing gets done on time, I don’t feel appreciated at work,  I am feeling guilty and stressed not to be able to see my babies.  I feel trapped, … Continue reading

Free samples made my day!

Just when I thought I was loosing my mind and needed hope, I received a free sample from one of the suppliers that looked great! It is too good to be true.  They even accepted the first order to be 250 pairs per color.  When you compare this with the other suppliers who don’t even … Continue reading

Lesson Learned II

After sending out about 100 requests to receive samples,  the replies being very short and sometimes non sense, I got to make a choice on couple of suppliers that looked “credible”  The one I kept the communication going, whose company’s pictures look nice on their web site, (they can be fake too you know) sent … Continue reading