Lesson learned I: Few months into the failed results from the supplier

One Saturday morning, I am doing the usual browsing and searching on matching shoes.  I found many results on mommy and me shoes by Pairendipity all over the web.  Almost had a heart attack.  Click on the links, the shoes we didn’t buy cause they didn’t pass the lead free test, are being sold under our brand name via Aliexpress.com, China ebay and you name the others.  Furious! Nice photos too!

Hot Sale! The Newest Lady Shoes in 2010~Leopard & Free Shipping

Where in the world you see this? CHINA of course.  Here is another lesson learned: Trademark your name before you start talking to a Chinese supplier.  To do this would cost you about $500 (there is no fixed cost for it), the only way is to find a Chinese agent (trademark attorney) in China to register it for you.  Even you registered your logo or name in United States, it doesn’t mean that you are safe in China where it is first come first serve.  Even though you already have a product selling in every where in the world, Chinese supplier might think you have a great brand name and register it in China and since he is the first one registering it, you have no control over it.

After many hours with an headache, I have contacted couple of attorneys (only know them by their email addresses) and found out Pairendipity brand name hasn’t been registered yet in China.  So what am I waiting for? I have sent a nasty email to the Chinese supplier who listed the shoes for wholesale and went back to bed thinking what good can come up from this? Hmmm, at least I have some exposure online.

For couple days, didn’t want to go near to internet, not very like me!  After few days, I was rejuvenated to find out this on all of the listing pages:

The Chinese supplier tried to sell products under our brand name on Aliexpress.com

The Chinese supplier tried to sell products under our brand name on Aliexpress.com

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