Every day is closer to the mission – Dealing with Chinese suppliers Part I

So my everyday waking up getting kids ready in 45 minutes so I can be on time for work became an adventure towards my mission.  Besides heavy work projects and deadlines, I started composing endless emails to the suppliers all over the world.  First I needed to outline my request for samples.  Questions to ask: sample charge, how long does it take, can they make women and  children shoes in US sizes.  And the most importantly what is their Minimum Order Quantity.

Samples charges can be enormous.  I had put a budget aside just to receive few samples from couple of suppliers.  I needed to find a supplier not only willing to accept my small quantity order but also accept to make the shoes with the lead free materials.  Lead free materials are more expensive and they are hard to find.


mommy and me shoes by pairendipity

These are the shoes that failed the test so back to square one


Right when I am ready to move forward, I am finding myself back to square one.  It is almost impossible to communicate with Chinese.  Not the language or the time difference, it is the mind trick! Yes, I feel like I was talking in circles for a while.  Checking my emails every morning to see nothing in replies was shattering my efforts to move towards my goal.

Then there was the supplier who said who would do the shoes with lead free material but failed to reply back when the shoes failed the test.  This was the cause of a meltdown.  I am loosing money and time! Nothing is coming together and I am stuck at my stupid job with my babies in full time daycare.

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