Where did the name come from?

Pairendipity: [pair-uhn-dip-i-tee] To find a pair of an item by good luck.
When the idea of a matching shoe came to me, it was like “yes” ! That is! This is exactly what I need to shop for.  Wouldn’t it be fun to show up at work with the pair of shoes that match with my 20 months old’s ?

I did a quick search online but couldn’t find any! Then it clicked!  What if I could have this idea to create a brand that sells matching shoes and more… Yes, I have a goal = First, I will find a supplier to make the matching shoes and I will sell them online! How hard could that be?
Having the graphic design background, I first started to design my logo.  “Mommy and Me” name was very catchy! But not so late to discover that Mommy and Me name was already a registered trademark  by a company in LA, and they are having fun filing claims to everybody registering similar name.  Bummer. Just when I thought I got it all! Thanksgiving 09, sitting around the dining table with my husband’s family, brainstorming for hours. Coming up with very cool stuff, just like mommy, twindez, solemates, nazara, getting excited everytime we think we are attached to one name but finding out that every single one is either registered or already a popular online brand. Then my husband coming up with the pair and pairendipity from serendipity. That’s it. Quick check it online, noone has it! NO WAY! I think we found our name honey: Mommy and Me Shoes by PairendipityTM

4 Responses to “Where did the name come from?”
  1. Jessica says:

    I was very excited when I came up on this website. My daughter LOVES shoes and of course always likes to match mommy!

    However I was really dissapointedt to find that the shoes only went to a size 9, and your reccomendation to order a half size to full size larger. Im a 10 naturally. 😦 Please get some bigger sizes in there! After having kids unfortunetly there are lots of mommas who’s feet got larger!!!

    Shoes all look adorable, hoping to be able to try them out one day.


    • Pairendipity says:

      Hi Jessica, Thank you for your interest in Pairendipity Mommy and Me Matching Shoes. We are in the process of bringing larger sizes for women and children in the near future. Around August/September of this year! Have a lovely day.

  2. Pelin says:

    Love it! Pairendipity is a very good choice. Soon, you may broaden your beautiful endeavor with Daddy-Son pairs 😉 How about kitten heels for little girls and moms??? They would love them!

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