The mission

So, now that I knew what my mission was,  I could use it as my business idea to get me out of this cubicle.  Yes, the full time job (semi-prison) that I had to come back to after the birth of my second baby! Now that was hard! The salary and benefits are ok but the job, oh, the job.  The kind that you feel stupider each day to sit and try to make something out of it!  The kind that you have this great talent and idea but your boss doesn’t have time to hear it (because he is too busy watching youtube videos in his office all day long).  So for almost a year, I woke up thinking and working towards my mission.  The one that would make me get out of my misery:  If I did start my own online business, and somehow managed to make half of my salary the first year, I could quit my full time job and work from home and be with my kids. My babies, Princess 23 months, Angel 4 months.  Princess is managing great at daycare, but Angel, she needs her mommy more than anything.  It is the hardest decision for a mother to go back to full time job that isn’t rewarding after her baby.  Please share your comments.

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