Lesson learned I: Few months into the failed results from the supplier

One Saturday morning, I am doing the usual browsing and searching on matching shoes.  I found many results on mommy and me shoes by Pairendipity all over the web.  Almost had a heart attack.  Click on the links, the shoes we didn’t buy cause they didn’t pass the lead free test, are being sold under our brand … Continue reading

Every day is closer to the mission – Dealing with Chinese suppliers Part I

So my everyday waking up getting kids ready in 45 minutes so I can be on time for work became an adventure towards my mission.  Besides heavy work projects and deadlines, I started composing endless emails to the suppliers all over the world.  First I needed to outline my request for samples.  Questions to ask: … Continue reading

I love the article about Suri and Katie’s matching shoes

Gives me hope: http://celebritybabies.people.com/2010/05/25/mommy-me-style-suri-and-katies-matching-shoes/

Trying for the mission impossible

It looked easy at first, the idea, who didn’t think about it before? like the big companies in shoe business already?  Do the research online shoe supplier in US = hmmmm nada.   Shoe suppliers in China = 251558 just in one trading website.  Ok, I guess Made in China is the way it is. … Continue reading

The mission

So, now that I knew what my mission was,  I could use it as my business idea to get me out of this cubicle.  Yes, the full time job (semi-prison) that I had to come back to after the birth of my second baby! Now that was hard! The salary and benefits are ok but … Continue reading

Where did the name come from?

Pairendipity: [pair-uhn-dip-i-tee] To find a pair of an item by good luck. When the idea of a matching shoe came to me, it was like “yes” ! That is! This is exactly what I need to shop for.  Wouldn’t it be fun to show up at work with the pair of shoes that match with … Continue reading